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One More Year One More EMUN


9 years have passed of the very first EMUN Conference in Argentina and Sworn Junior College Pacheco said present once again at this fantastic event.

The venue took place at St. Hilda´s College on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of June. Students did a great job as real delegates of Peru and Philippines.

Last minute details were arranged, policy statements done, resolutions finished but nervousness and excitement were always present whenever they had to defend their views. Nevertheless happiness and satisfaction prevailed at the end of these two incredible days.

Our students from 4th and 5th year have worked hard on preparing their performance. They got involved in deep research work on the countries they represented, found ways to understand current world wide political affairs and developed listening and public speaking skills that contribute to their development as informed and responsible citizens.

Well done kids! You did an excellent job! Thank you Delfi, Tomás, Lucía, Guadalupe, Sofía, Serafín, Clara, Rocío, Catalina, Juan, Lourdes, Chiara, Caro.
And a Special thanks to Agustín, our chair representative.

See you next year!!!