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ESSARP Model United Nations 2018 "MY EMUN EXPERIENCE"

Last July, students from Sworn Junior College Pacheco participated in the 8th EMUN Conference held at St Catherine´s Moorlands school. Delfi, a 6th year student of our school and a participant, shared her experience with us.

Before Delfi´s presentation I  would like to thank all students who proudly, represented our school at such interesting event: Nico, Lucas, Delfi, Lola, Maddy, Juana, Agustín, Luli, Sofi, Serafín and Guada. They all became representatives of Kenya and Azerbaijan, doing a great job as "real" delegates of those countries.
Marina, EMUN Coordinator

My EMUN Experience   By Delfi

I started off in fourth year. My expectations weren´t great but the idea of participating in a Model of the United Nations interested me. I´ve always had an inclination towards debates so I  figured I would try it out.
On the first meeting I found out Italy was the country I would represent. From there on, it was my country.
I was slightly intimidated at first, there was a huge number of six year students, compared to them I felt very small.
Yet tasks weren´t hard, the only thing EMUN has ever demanded of me was time and bits of effort. Even the seniors that intimidated so much were always there to offer a helping hand. Marina even allowed us to have a Skype call with an actual Italian who helped us out lots.
In no time, the conference came.
I was so nervous. What to wear? Would I be able to speak out loud in front of everyone? Was my English good enough? Where is this school even at? (It was located in zona sur).
However, all these fears vanished right away. None of my worries had been worth it in the end.
My English was great. I was able to present all of my ideas to my committee and they even provided us with a delecious breakfast.
I really felt proud about myself, as I never liked speaking much in public. It had come all to an end that year, yet I knew I had to do it again.

Fifth year came  and even when taking the IG´s I wanted to repeat my EMUN experience.
This time I was the eldest one. I was the most experienced one and it was my turn to help out.
I was Ecuador that year and feeling brave, I decided it was time to try a General Assembly Committee.
The classroon was bigger, the issues more complex and the people better off prepared.
All the same when the Conference came, I enjoyed myself greatly. Debates were more ardent and opinions were stronger.
I got to learn a lot about countries I previously ignored.
Some people recognized me from the previous year and I met several students from different schools. Some were from Neuquén, Buenos Aires zona norte and sur, even a few had come from Uruguay.
This conference soon concluded too.

I was in sixth year now, my last year at school. Now this time I was a bit reluctant to join in. I really dreaded the work overload that could come.
Yet, it came to me, this would be the last year, my last chance to participate in such model. Really if I ever wanted something similar to it again I would have to join the real UN!
I was in.
Fifth year students were now comfortable and experienced. They really wanted to help out.  Now I wasn´t all by myself. All fourth years had extra support.
It was Kenya this year. I felt a bit disappointed. I thought no one would mind a thing I said. However it turned out to be that Kenya was a lot more complex than what I expected.
Representing it was harsher, as is shares very particular and controversial views and laws.
There were faces I knew too well. Speaking my arguments out loud came easy to me now. I wasn´t stressed at all about the situation.
This year it really came to an end, and as the conference concluded my period as an EMUN participant came to a closure.
Overall, I can proudly say I do not regret any of my EMUN years. It has brought me close to people at my own school I wouldn´t know as well otherwise, seniors and juniors. It allowed me to get rid of my fear of public speaking. I sometimes do get nervous, but it is never something I can´t overcome.
I really do recommend this experience to anyone who has even the slightest interest. It is really enjoyable and I encourage anyone who has the chance....TRY IT OUT!!!