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Descriptive Writing in 6th year

Contrasts in colour , motion and feelings seen through the eyes of Francisco from 6º year.

 The arrival of summer proves to be a joy for the beginning of vacation, and its effect can be instantly noticed. Under the scorching sun, the city never ceases its frenzy of movement; people come and go, although they feel hammered by the warmth. Pity can be felt for those fancy pants businessmen are in, with their important looking suits, always looking hurried and sweating. While taking a stroll through the park, lively girls can be seen in their cool miniskirts, enjoying the cold relief of a freezing smoothie, sold at precarious little stands that take advantage of the ripe fruit for profit.

 Billboards can be seen, with pictures of beach parties and refreshing beverages which make pedestrians stare in trance while stray dogs can be found panting and looking for aid in the skyscraper’s shade.
 The charm of a lover buying a bouquet of colorful flowers can be contrasted with the city’s nightlife which is charming in excess. The metropolis comes back to life as house music replaces the chirping of birds and dazzling neon lights replace sunlight. Not only the hottest nightclubs but also exotic restaurants can be found, all within the reach of a limo ride. It is truly a night full of champagne and sport cars, and the city achieves an appeal and glamour worthy of legendary cities like Milan and Barcelona.

 In contrast, the arrival of winter is not received with such happiness, but many consider the city to be quite charming in the cold season. This time, under the numbing snow, the population never stops following the pace of routine, even though they now have to wear their winter coats instead of their t-shirts. The former pity towards businessmen now seems ridiculous as every soul alive would love to be sheltered from snow in those heavy warm suits, coupled with a scarf with the city’s football team badge. While admiring the white beauty of the park, the latest fashion can be seen worn by the city’s young ladies. If anyone wishes to shield himself from the snow, he should just enter one of the little cozy cafés to have a donut paired up with either hot chocolate or a delicious warm coffee, a far more coherent snack for the snowy days compared to the smoothies displayed in summer.
 This time all ads adapt to the snowy theme, the beach parties become wood cabins and snowboarding, while all cold beverages are replaced by coffee or whiskey ads, featuring the movie stars of the hour. A new weapon appears in the heartbreaker’s arsenal in the form of ice rinks, the brand new and winter-exclusive romantic hotspot.

 In winter that amazing summer nightlife becomes a simple night life. Watch out, this doesn’t mean it is less enjoyable, during winter a fireplace and a good book- or the latest TV series- outclasses anything a nightclub has to offer. Of course, there is always a good option for those brave hearts who dare venture into the white night, in the form of homemade meal restaurants with mouth-watering stews with the best meat and vegetables.

 It can definitely be concluded that this city is one of the most beautiful in the world, be it summer or winter. And both seasons have many reasons to be favourite in the locals’ hearts.